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Have a look on our standard menus! Bespoken menu is also available. Get in touch with us to define your favourite menu 

Food Ingredients in Bowls


Ham, cheese & spinach crepe

Boiled eggs, mayo sauce & chives (GF)

Avocado & vinagrete toast

Egg & veggies muffin

Food Ingredients in Bowls

Cheese bread, salami & rocket salad (GF)

Hummus, basil sauce, cucumber & onion 

Chicken, yoghourt, cheddar, tomato & spinach 

Veggie, pesto & cheese (Vegetarian)

Thin beef slices, pickle cucumber, onion & lettuce


Food Ingredients in Bowls


Beef & veggie spring roll

Salmon, cream cheese & chives 

Tuna, tomatoes, green peas & olives tart

Lettuce gem & prawn cocktail

Black eye bean cake & sauce

Food Ingredients in Bowls

Finger food

Feta stuffed mini tomatoes

Avocado & goat cheese truffle

Beef, cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato burger

Chicken breast strips breaded & fried

Mozzarella sticks breaded and fried served with tomato chilli sauce

Stuffed mushroom (vegan)

Assorted grilled veggies & sauce

Food Ingredients in Bowls

Black beans and pork stew served with plain rice & greens

Fish & veggie stew served with rice

Caw ribs stew & cassava chips

Chicken or beef cubs cooked in creamy sauce, served with rice and potato thin chips 

Blend of veggies & fishes served as cold pie  

Rice with veggies and shredded red meat 


Food Ingredients in Bowls


Soft dark chocolate dough, wrapped in chocolate sprinkles (GF)

Soft coconut and milk dough wrapped in coconut bits (GF)

Classic caramel pudding, made from condensed milk and eggs (GF)

Crispy base filled with soft vanilla cream & strawberries

Cassava flour pastry, filled with filling of your choice (GF) *Vegan options available

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