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Kaipiras Restaurant

Over 14 years of experience providing traditional Brazilian food in London

Elementree Restaurant

Mediterranean style restaurant located in Cricklewood,  serving food of excellent quality.

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Hire a chef

Would you like to have Brazilian Bites at your place? Now you can! 

The service consists of hiring a chef to produce Brazilian bites in-house.

Here are some reasons why hiring a Brazilian bites chef: 

  • Tailor the bites according to your customer's needs. Who knows your customer's taste better than you? Customising the product ensures customer satisfaction.

  • Cost-effective & Beneficial. Builds a trustful relationship between supplier and buyer which in turn reduces operating costs for both ends.

  • In-house production. Ensures your customer receives in-house & handmade product.

  • Freshly made. Ensures a high-quality product at all times, thus increasing its shelf life and reducing wastage. 

  • Control. Allows flexibility to change the menu whenever needed.

Obs.: Minimum order: 200 units. 

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