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Catering services 

Catering for private events or office meetings. The best of Brazilian food served at your event.

We understand the challenge of feeding & satisfying people and how every person can be so unique with their food choices. That’s why we have a variety of services and menus that suits different tastes. Our menu is designed to fulfil many different dietary needs.

What we offer

Deliver to your address

If you simply need the right food, at the right place, deliveried at the right time, our delivered service can help. All food varieties from canapés to sandwiches to buffet items to desserts delivered in compostable individualised cardboard platters. Food is deliveried in individual packages so all you need to do is take off the lid and serve it. In-house driver will ensure to deliver your food in a 30 minute window. We currently offer take away style as standard practise, but contact us for buffet style options, portion requirements and we will see what we can do.

On site chef

We manage your cooking. As long as you have kitchen facilities on site, we can help. All food is prepared on-site and served as you wish, offering a level of personalisation.



Tell us about the nature of your event. Birthday, Christmas, summer party or other events.


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